Thinking About How Entrepreneurs Learn to Grow Their Business

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Lately, while building the mentorship program at The Creative Space I’ve been thinking about the kind of help entrepreneurs need when they’re launching and growing their businesses. It’s not as though information is not available. There’s a lot of information on the web, for example. In fact, you could (and probably do) spend hours poking around, pinging from one set of ideas to another.

Well information is good – but it’s kind of theoretical versus applied – and is it the best way to learn? I’ve become convinced that just one method of learning (like online) is not enough. Ideas are everywhere – but that’s not the issue. The issue is execution.

Some people do it well – make the leap from theory to practical – but most of us need some help to translate ideas into the context of our own business. And that’s not always easy. That’s why I’m a fan of coworking at The Creative Space – and programs like Grow Vantage, and the SEA program – that help entrepreneurs learn alongside their peers. Add collaboration and a networking environment into the mix – and entrepreneurs learn faster.

One of the great truths in life is that everyone learns differently… so one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

How do you learn? What’s important to you? I’d love to hear how you learn and apply knowledge – what helps you learn – and what doesn’t. I’m collecting real experience from entrepreneurs to improve mentorship. Email me ( or post on Facebook ( Thanks.

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