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Small Business

It’s difficult to stay competitive when change has become a business constant, when new technologies, new competitors and the impact of a volatile economy make change a necessity. Business owners and entrepreneurs often lack the time or the knowledge to manage all aspects of their day-to-day business as well as the ongoing development of strategic and brand goals that lead to increased success.

Do you need assistance in:

  • Guiding management and staff objectives?
  • Developing your brand, your vision or your business path?
  • Solving operational problems?

Do you want your business to:

  • Be more efficient?
  • Give you more return on your effort?

Are competitive forces placing increased pressure on your resources?

Business coaching is an investment that will build on existing knowledge, and incite change to improve both organizational and employee development, and increase business results.

Strategy and vision

  • Transform organizational strategy
  • Refocus your vision to refocus your organization

Increase financial results:

  • Determine why your results have not mirrored your business plan
  • Achieve growth in sales and sponsorships

Implement new marketing and sales approaches

  • Align your brand with your customer and business practices
  • Improve your customer focus, retention and acquisition
  • Determine if your marketing investments are worthwhile
  • Increase revenues and visibility with improved marketing strategies

Streamline business process

  • Analyze and redesign business processes to streamline operations
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce cost

Leadership and management development

  • Train and build teams to increase organizational effectiveness
  • Establish employee ownership of shared goals
  • Build employee skill sets in decision-making, goal setting and time management

Refocus your vision to refocus your organization. Contact us to discuss your business needs: call 705-241-9273 or email info@incitefulsolutions.com