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Professional Coaching for Leaders

What is coaching?

Coaching is a highly effective and confidential process that supports the achievement of personal and professional objectives. It’s an investment in you that helps unlock your potential and overcome hidden barriers to success.

How can working with a professional coach benefit you?

Your coach will focus on your agenda to help you realize change in your life or career. Coaching facilitates learning in small bites, through collaboration and co-creation. Unlike business associates or friends, professional coaches are equipped to listen impartially and objectively to identify underlying issues, then help you find solutions to achieve your goals.

  • Move through obstacles or issues:

    You have achieved a measure of success but have yet to reach the level you desire

  • Clarify how you will reach your goals:

    You know what you want to achieve, but need to clarify your path to reach them

  • Achieve your goals faster:

    The responsibilities and demands on your time may make it difficult to focus on your personal or professional growth. A regular coaching session actively makes time for this to happen.

  • Change means changing mindset:

    With the help of a professional coach, you will work to identify obstacles, mindsets and patterns of behaviour that present obstacles in life or your career. You will have the support to develop clear objectives and solutions that will allow you to move ahead.

    Coaching helps individuals or teams clarify the link between the existing beliefs and behaviours that hold back performance, both personally and in a team environment. Facilitating change through the coaching process helps you re-design and re-program beliefs to achieve change in behaviour.

    Clarify professional objectives Resolve conflicts
    Position yourself for success Uncover hidden barriers to growth
    Change pre-programmed behaviour Realize aspirations
    Develop your vision Enhance performance

What do you want to change? Review the attached outline to see some of the areas in which coaching can help.

What does a professional coaching program include?

    • Coaching sessions generally take place on a weekly basis, at a specific time and date
    • A collaborative process of brainstorming and strategizing to create solutions, tackle important issues, or work through decisions
    • Action plans to achieve the goals and objectives that arise from the coaching process
    • Coaching and accountability support between sessions

Contact us to arrange a free coaching session or consultation: call 705-241-9273 or email info@incitefulsolutions.com