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Business Coaching and Consulting

Inciteful Solutions works with small business and not-for-profit leaders to help them grow dynamic organizations that achieve financial success. Implement new approaches in leadership, marketing, sales and operations with coaching support to secure the change that will make a difference in your business.

How do you close the gap between where your business is now, and where you want to go?

Ideas to improve organizational effectiveness and competitiveness are limitless.Just Google these words to find more ideas than you can ever use. But ideas don’t guarantee solutions. How does a business leader find the right solution at the right cost; and who will implement it, when time and resources are often stretched?

How can solutions be customized to the needs of an organization to actually achieve change?

By designing and implementing a step by step business change program Knowledge is only one part of the process of change and does not guarantee that what you want to change in your organization will be successful. Ideas only become solutions when they are tailored to the needs of the organization, with a plan to ensure they are fully integrated into current work practices.

A Business change program is made up of two components:

      • Consulting services to:
        • Analyze your current needs and issues
        • Give you the tools and expertise to develop more effective business practices
        • Identify the underlying dynamics that have blocked the achievement of past goal
      • A business change program that:
        • Supports work teams to ensure change happen
        • Allows individuals and groups to utilize their knowledge more effectively
        • Redesigns individual attitudes and work habits to result in changed behaviour
        • Improves team dynamics to unlock potential and increase organizational success
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